What Is The Best Embroidery Digitizing Service?


Have you ever wondered what the best embroidery digitizing service is? This is a question many people ask themselves, especially beginners looking for digitization services, so you need to have the best list on hand.

On the other hand, there are people new to embroidery who do not understand why they need a digitizing service if there are many embroidery designs on the market online. Below you will find all the information you need on this topic.

Why is an embroidery digitization service necessary?

If you are thinking of starting your embroidery business or are already running an embroidery business, you may have considered embroidering burp fabrics or embroidering t-shirts for school. But there are other embroidery needs in the market, especially in corporate embroidered sportswear, and there will always be someone who will ask you that.

Embroidered corporate equipment is very widespread and widespread. There are companies where a polo shirt with a logo stitched on the left chest is worn, which is a casual but acceptable everyday outfit. There are other companies where they have the embroidered logo on their uniforms.

If you visit a trade fair, you can see employees in embroidered brand equipment. Schools and sports teams always need embroidered items for their events and their organizations.

Why is it necessary to embroider corporate polo shirts?

Businesses always have a bigger budget than individuals. This represents a good customer for any owner who has a business that offers embroidery services. On the other hand, organizations and businesses that want embroidered items will always need more in the future. This translates into potential income for your ongoing business.

On the other hand, corporate clients are easier to deal with. Suppose you sell your custom embroidered items to individual customers. In that case, you may have already come across a high-maintenance customer who writes you a million times for a birthday shirt and needs it right away.

These clients are usually the most painful and are the ones who have problems with the final result and demand a solution or a refund.

On the other hand, when you get a project to embroider a company logo on 200 T-shirts and the sample is approved, you are less likely to get your job rejected when you make the final submission. You should be aware that 200 t-shirts pay much more than one birthday t-shirt.

Unlike a birthday shirt where the design can be purchased from many different companies, a corporate logo is personalized. It must be provided by the customer and must be converted into a format that can be sewn on an embroidery machine. This is a process that is not so easily done with the push of a button.

This conversion process must be digitized and well done, so you should have the best embroidery digitizing service on hand.

Before sewing a logo, it must be digitized

Company and organization logos must be created in a vector-based drawing program. These vector-based graphics are stored in the computer as mathematical equations. It is beneficial because it allows you to recreate the design in any size and still look sharp and clear.

Logos are created in vector graphics printed on a smaller scale like a business card and a very large scale like a billboard.

Vector graphics are frequently created in Adobe Illustrator and are saved in AI or EPS formats. Either way, AI and EPS are file formats that embroidery machines can read and interpret.

To sew a logo on an embroidery machine, you must convert it to an embroidery file format. Embroidery files have more information than vector-based files, such as thread color, stitch density, and stitch order.

Companies and individuals that offer embroidery digitization services

Some many companies and individuals offer you the best embroidery digitizing service. Below you can find a list of the most praised providers in Facebook groups:

Important things to tell the digitizing service about the graphic you want to digitize

When you need to digitize a logo, the best embroidery digitizing service will have a few questions for you before giving you a quote. The complexity of the design will be a major factor affecting the price. Logos are fairly straightforward, while photorealistic images are more complicated and therefore more expensive.

When the price has been set, there are other things you will need to report to the embroidery digitizing company, such as:

  • The file format you will need to be able to sew on your machine.
  • The final size you need for your design.
  • The object on which it will be sewn (Different types of clothing, accessories that need heavier or lighter stitch densities).
  • How fast you will need it. In general, faster orders can increase the price of the service.


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