The Babylock Flourish 2 Embroidery Machine


BabyLock is a brand that has become popular in sewing and embroidery because it offers excellent quality sewing machines. It offers you a new model called the babylock flourish 2, sewing, embroider,y, and quilting machine that allows you to customize your clothes or start your small home business.

The Flourish model is smaller than other embroidery machines on the market. It has special features that make it an attractive and efficient machine for beautifying and decorating clothes, towels, hats, and much more. It has a color LCD touch screen, automatic tension control, and automatic needle threading.

Add your unique touch and personalize your projects with the Baby Lock machine and its new Flourish 2 line. It’s easy to use, and you can easily edit designs, embroider fonts, and much more with just one embroidery machine. Below you can discover the full power of Flourish 2.

Features of the Baby Lock Flourish 2 Embroidery Machine

  • Color LCD touch screen (4.85 “x 2.5”).
  • It is a computerized machine.
  • Built-in design library with 181 built-in embroidery designs (90 exclusive Baby Lock designs, 140 box combinations, and 13 font styles, including script).
  • Embroidery speed up to 850 spm
  • Automatic thread cutter.
  • Embroidery up to -1 / 4 “x 10-1 / 4” (160mm x 260mm)
  • Combine embroidery designs on the screen.
  • Advanced needle threading system.
  • Automatic thread tension control.
  • Fast setting top loading coil.
  • Automatic sensors
  • Adjustable needle position.
  • Edit fonts, dimensions, and special letters individually split text or multi-color text.
  • Pattern rotation of 1 °, 10 °, and 90 °.
  • Design reduction and enlargement (up to 10% up to 20%).
  • Design color selections
  • Mirror images
  • 1MB memory storage for embroidery
  • It has a stitch capacity of up to 200,000 stitches per design.
  • Convenient buttons for a start, stop, needle up, down, or thread cutter.
  • Automatic lifting of the presser foot.
  • Transport handle.
  • Language conversion capabilities (18 languages)

Perfect embroidery machine for unique and attractive projects

The babylock flourish 2 embroidery machine comes with 181 built-in embroidery designs, so you will always find inspiration to embellish your projects. It also has 13 built-in embroidery fonts to do your works with letters; you can edit them with other designs to personalize your project.

It is an extraordinary machine that allows you to make changes to individual letters or even whole words. The Baby Lock brand made sure that users had a machine with easy and simple threading and winding. The embroidery guides are identified and easy for even a beginner to follow.

Its screen is a 4.85 x 2.5-inch color LCD touch screen. Everything you need for your work is at a touch. You can cut jump stitches easily and automatically. The thread will no longer travel through the design or hoop, so your embroidery is more delicate and clean.

Thanks to the 6 1/4 “x 10 1/4” embroidery field, you will carry out larger jobs without any problem. This is important because you won’t have to do as many hoop changes. With the Baby Lock Flourish 2 machine, you will enjoy a more advanced needle threader; you will have your needle threaded and ready to use with a simple movement.

It features a fast-setting top-loading bobbin; when you’re ready to sew, pop in the bobbin, and you’re done.

On the other hand, it has a push button that facilitates the configuration; you can position the needle down or up, lower the presser foot, cut the thread, start and stop sewing.

Easier jobs for experts and beginners

Sewing machine beginners and experts alike will program a sequence or find an embroidery design easily and conveniently. Just by tapping a few buttons, you can get everything you need for your project.

You can go to the design section, an alphanumeric font, or a frame to embellish any item at home or for your business. The babylock flourish 2 machine features bi-directional USB connectivity so you can easily save and access your designs via your USB flash drive.

With USB connectivity, you can also update your machine, so you always have the latest software. Thanks to the touch screen, you can edit your embroidery. You can make changes to your embroidery on the screen directly, resize, move and rotate the design as you want and need.

For flower lovers, this machine has several options to choose from that will make your design beautiful and detailed. It has two enhanced LED lights that allow you to illuminate the needle and work areas better.

The help messages incorporated the useful ones to know a little more about the operation of the machine. It also provides you with a built-in animated operating guide to learn about the operation of your new embroidery machine. This machine offers you conversion capabilities for up to 18 languages.

It allows you to improve your embroidery skills so that your work at home is unique, professional, and of quality. It comes with an embroidery foot, lint brush, extra needles, four bobbins, three spool caps (small, medium, and large), scissors, an embroidery design guide, and much more.

All the feedback from consumers who have already used this machine is positive. They recommend it for all the special features it offers and for being an easy-to-use embroidery machine. Undoubtedly, the babylock flourish 2 machine is one of the best embroidery options you will find on the market due to its functions and reasonable price.


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